4 Strategies To Channel Your Anger

Being angry is the most normal thing. But when anger gets out of hand, it affects the mental and physical health of the individual and even those around him. Be aware that over the long term, excessive anger can make a person sick. Discover here 4 tips to channel your anger.

Excessive anger, why avoid it?

People who don’t get angry are rare, but some are more likely than others. Often, people who are angry with those around them are no longer credible. One will be led to think that nothing satisfies them and that they will always remain animated by anger.

Channel your anger with 4 simple tips

The best way to channel your anger is to use simple means. Following these 4 tips, you will feel better and have a more harmonious relationship with your loved ones.

Understand the source of your anger

Before you even channel your anger, first detect its source (s). For this, you need to step back. Ask yourself the right questions: “What happened?” “,” Why did you explode? ” This little mental exercise will allow you to understand the sequence of events that led you to this state of anger. Indeed, your anger is the result of other situations that your body and your mind transform into emotions.

Know how to distinguish your emotions.

After this overlap, try to make an inventory of your emotions. Generally, anger arises from injury, fear, grief, or depression. Most of the time, it is used as a defense mechanism. So you have to ask yourself if this is really angry or if you are just repressing emotions that you don’t think you should feel. If you suppress emotions, you will necessarily have trouble managing your anger. You must, therefore, know how to distinguish your emotions to avoid excessive anger. Most of the time, anger masks sadness.

Adopt the right actions

If you feel that you are going to get angry, choose to evacuate it immediately. According to the therapists, it is normal to feel a desire to strangle a person. But as it is prohibited, try to use subterfuges. You can, for example, let off steam on the cushion, on a soft toy, or hit a punching bag. This release will do you a lot of good. Otherwise, you can also play sports. Physical activities release endorphins into your body and block anger.

Avoid any situation that could trigger anger.

As is often said, prevention is better than cure. This adage is also valid for channeling anger. Since you already know what is causing your anger, try to avoid these situations. Whether it is a person, a situation or even a place, say no to everything: you will not meet this person, you will no longer be in this situation, you will no longer go to this place! In short, you will adopt the strategy of “avoidance.”


In some cases, the situation is beyond you, and you are forced to face it. So try to share your feelings with someone you trust. For example, if you need to meet a colleague, you are angry at a work meeting, talk to a friend at the office. It will help you channel your anger by changing your mind a bit.